"Everybody's got a story, right? One more. Mine."

--- Celia

Celia is said to be Hunter's twin sister.

Character History

Pre-Storytellers Before the series began, Celia lost her mother, and had very little friends. Before they started their senior year, Hunter gave her a bracelet that belonged to their mother, which fans believe is a talisman that contains power. Celia spent her time harnessing and learning to use her telekinesis, becoming a lot stronger than Hunter.

Sometime before the series, she also established connections with Blazer, as he was watching Hunter to see how his powers were going. Instead, she learned how to control him, and he became her pawn.

Season 1

In the first episode, Hunter, Celia is introduced as Hunter's twin sister. It is shown that she and her father have a tense relationship, as they are seen fighting over her rejection to Yale University in one of the first scenes. Her father points out that she does not achieve much (probably not as much as Hunter) and is a "colossal disappointment". Their father's anger towards Celia causes Hunter to get mad, shown when the earthquake erupts. Celia is seen arguing with her father as Hunter leaves. 

In Mai, Hunter reveals that after the incident, Celia got grounded, probably for what she said to her father. She was meant to join him, Skyler and Finn at Mai's, but could not do so. However, later in the episode, she joins Skyler and Finn as they go to save Hunter.

In the continuation of Mai, Skyler, Celia answers the door to a crying Skyler, who tells her that she won't be seeing her anymore, leading Celia to believe that the pair had broken up. Finn comes over shortly after, and the three race to the crash sight to stop Mai, and watches as Hunter uses his powers and Finn exorcises Mai. She appears upset when Skyler crosses over.



It seems like Celia and Blazer share a sexual relationship that is supposedly fake, and a way for Celia to gain control of Blazer.


  • Was meant to be Hunter's little sister, but was bumped up to twins.
  • Devyn Smith, who portrays Celia, is actually three years younger than Joey Graceffa, who plays her onscreen twin.
  • Portrayed by newcomer Devyn Smith.