"Hunter" is said to be likable, outgoing, and charismatic, Hunter is a natural leader, and more powerful than even he realizes.

Character History


Skyler Evans

"I love you."

-- Hunter to Skyler, Skyler.

Hunter had been in a relationship with Skyler for the first three episodes, ending in her death. They were friends Joey graceffa is amazing as children, when Mrs Crowley died, and Hunter described her as his sun and as a big ball of light, but they grew apart. However, their friendship was rekindled when Hunter asked her to Prom (three times before Skyler said yes), and they dated ever since.

Hunter was known to be very secretive, and often hid things from Skyler, but was very protective of her, especially in the first episode when he punched another guy who hit on Skyler. Near the end of the episode, they fight, causing Hunter's power to lose control and send the car into a tree. 

In the next two episodes, the two have seen to moved on from their fight, acting happily as they go to Mai's house for drinks. They talk about his powers, with Skyler saying that she could help if he told her about the good and the bad, to which he replies that she doesn't know how bad things are. The last scene that they share together is when Skyler, Finn and Celia run to save Hunter from Mai, and he touchingly tells her that she cannot leave, since he loves her. He appears heartbroken when she crosses over.

At Skyler's funeral, Hunter recalls the story of how they met, but breaks down partway through, obviously greiving.


  • Hunter Crowley is portrayed by Youtube Star Joey Graceffa, who, in addition to starring in the series, created it as well.