"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Skyler. And one day, she woke up."

--- Skyler Evans, Skyler.

Skyler is said to the kind of gorgeous popular girl everyone loves to hate, but there’s more to her icy shell than meets the eye.

Character History


Hunter Crowley

"Everyone at this party wants me except my own boyfriend, isn't that funny?"

-- Skyler, to Hunter, Hunter

Skyler was in a relationship with Hunter until her death. They were friends as children, when Mrs Crowley died, but they grew apart. However, their friendship was rekindled when Hunter asked her to Prom (three times before Skyler said yes), and they dated ever since. Skyler was shown being not very invested in the relationship in the first episode, as she was seen with another boy. Later, she tells Hunter how exhausted she is of his secretive nature.

In Mai and Skyler, the two are seen being very coupley (with the two sharing a kiss in Skyler), and she always seems to want to help Hunter to be open about his supernatural abilities. She is later seen crying as she reminisces about the relationship, and goes to Hunter's house, probably to apologise for her behaviour. Later, when she gets stabbed, and when we realise that she's a ghost, the exchange the two share before Skyler crosses over is moving, with Hunter saying 'I love you' a final time. He seems to grieve hard at the funeral, breaking down during his eulogy.



  • Was a cheerleader, as shown in a flashback in Skyler